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15 Terrifying Things Kids Have Said To Babysitters

I love Kids. In fact I double love kids because I have two of my own.

But my goodness. Reading some of these gave me serious goosebumps!

A slightly different share today but check this one out!

Terrifying things children have said to babysitters

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    Although one interesting theory I have heard is, if you think as reincarnation in terms of energy it is true as; “Energy can never be created or destroyed, only transfered.” ~ This is the closest to reincarnation I can come to agree with. I find it find of cool that once I die my body will decompose & I will help spur new life.

  2. You are assuming that life only exists here on Earth, and you are assuming that an animal can’t be reincarnated as a human. Honestly, I don’t really pick one “what happens after death” theory, but the possibility of reincarnation really isn’t that far-fetched. Everything that dies eventually gets broken down somehow, and that little piece of you that makes you exactly who you are didn’t appear there by accident. By chance maybe… but not accident. With the universe constantly radiating energy through various explosions and collisions, it isn’t a stretch to think that a piece life form from far away may be transmitted at an atomic level. Thus, passing on a little bit of themselves to us.

    Like I said, there isn’t proof for anything. The most certain thing is when you die, your life ends. What happens to that little special something that makes you different? It’s only fun and interesting to speculate and hope for the best.

  3. Although I don’t believe in reincarnation, I know that it is not just in people, but animals as well, so a person could be reincarnated as a dog etc, so you cannot prove it from a population graph, because animals, insects and marine life will not be included, and many are becoming extinct or have not yet been discovered, so your method of proving that reincarnation is ‘bs’ is the real BS on this website.

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