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    Meet The Woman Who Lives With 200 Sloths


    Meet Monique Pool, founder of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname Monique first fell in love with sloths when she took in an orphan from a rescue centre. Since then many sloths have spent time in her home on their way back to the forest – but even she found it hard to cope when she […] More

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    Dogs with Big Sticks

    dogs carrying big sticks

    So over the last few days, I think its fair to say that I’ve become a little obsessed with pictures of dogs carrying sticks. Not any old stick mind you, we’re talking about bug sticks, like unfeasonably massive sticks! The icing on the cake for me today was when I posted the following photo on […] More

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    Dogs In A Photo Booth Cuteness Overload

    Dogs in photo booth

    Ever wondered what happens when you put a dog in a photo booth (with a little treat or two to draw their attention). Pure.. 100% unadulterated cuteness. Thats what! Check out this collection of dogs in photo booths below! You have to just love their little smiley faces!  Have a puppy loving friend that might […] More

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    Leo The Baby Donkey Swinging In A Hammock

    So I’ve heard of the term “lazy ass’ but this adorable little guy may be taking things a little bit to the extreme. Meet Leo the donkey, although we don’t know the back story about this little guy, it’s still so cute to watch him be lazy! He rocks back and forth a few times and even gets […] More

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    Squirrels Wearing Hats

    Squirrel birthday hat

    I like squirrels and I like hats. Stick squirrels wearing hats together and they totally rock! Meet “Sneezy”, a university campus squirrel that lets a student called Mary dress her up in a variety of tiny hats. The story goes that over time, as Mary fed Sneezy, she got friendlier and friendlier to the point […] More

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    Three-toed Sloth

    Did you know that the three-toed sloth emits a long, high-pitched call that echoes through the forests as “ahh-eeee.” Because of this cry these sloths are sometimes called ais (pronounced “eyes”). Did you also know that three-toed sloths also have an advantage that few other mammals possess: They have extra neck vertebrae that allow them […] More

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    Dog Owners Will Relate To This

    If you had a dog you could relate

    I love dogs almost as much as I love sloths but unlike sloths, dogs are a little easier to get hold of so I’ve got two of my own The following collection has been pulled together with our fellow dog owners in mind. How many of these pics can you relate to? Do you have […] More

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    Owner Plays Doggy Dress Up Using Nothing But Cardboard


    If you like to play doggy dress up with your favourite pooch, you’ll probably appreciate that doggy costumes can get a little on the expensive side. Well, today we are pleased to announce that perhaps those days are now behind you. That’s if you take the lead of Semba and her dog Chihuahua-mametaro who are […] More

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    Baby Sloths With Teddy Bears

    sloth sanctuary bucket of sloths

    Baby Sloths have to be one of the cutest creatures on earth. Put a baby sloth with a teddy bear and you have a whole heap of extra cuteness. These baby sloths currently reside at a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s sloth sanctuary is one of few shelters in the world focusing on […] More

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