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    Malamute Puppies – More Cute Than Cute

    cute malamute puppy

    So earlier today we posted on our facebook page a picture of a beaaaaaaautiful fluffy puppy. Post by Sharesloth. We knew this pup had some husky (or husky related pup in him) however we weren’t 100% sure what the other half was, and we needed to know. With this in mind (and using the wonderful-power […] More

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    Baby Animal Pictures – Prepare For Cuteness

    baby animals baby hamster

    So we’ve been posting for a while now and you’ve probably noticed that cute animals are one of our favorite topics to post. We’ve dribbled quite a few baby animal pictures across various posts however we’ve decided that today is the day that we go all in with our first baby animal picture mega post. […] More

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    Baby Fawn Rescue Video

    Every year, many species of wildlife get killed or badly injured when they come into contact with humans. This video captures the moment a baby fawn made the wrong decision to take a shortcut and jumped through a fence whilst trying to follow her mother. Thanks to a caring passer by, her human helper tried […] More

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    How To Give Your Pet Dog CPR

    Perform CPR on your Dog

    I love my pets. I’ve already posted a video of my dog Buddy and cat Colin having a little play fight The thing is (and god forbid) but what would you do if something terrible happened to your pet. So badly in fact that they stopped breathing. Well, nit unlike humans. Pets can be revived […] More

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    Desk Weasel reduces productivity

    Fair to say if you’re trying to work. Don’t get yourself a desk weasel. These little guys will really suck up any productivity you might have started your day with. This little guy is called Ozzy and his owner Frisco68 shared this video on his youtube channel Ozzy may be really distracting but we think […] More

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    Kristen Bell Really Loves Sloths

    Kristen Bell discusses the meltdown she had on the Ellen show when her boyfriend brought home a sloth for her birthday. I thought I loved sloths! This is very cute!  Originally posted 2018-01-06 16:26:59. More

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    Ray Charles Golden Retriever So Cute

    Ray Charles Blind Puppy

    Appropriately named after Ray Charles, this adorable golden retriever was born blind on Dec. 8, 2012, he was one of five puppies that survived in the litter and after his birth, the breeder noticed he wasn’t running around and playing with his sisters as he should have been Having said that, this doesn’t stop him […] More

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    Sloth Selfie Possibly The Cutest Thing Ever

    Sloth Selfie

    Sloths know how to chill and there’s one in Rio de Janeiro who even knows how to say, “Cheese.” Adventure tour guide Marcelo Sueth found out firsthand last month when he was on a hike near the city. The young man spotted the typically shy animal while travelling through a rain forest and used his […] More

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    Jimmy Fallon and Robert Irwin Cuddle An Adorable Sloth

    Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son (and soon to be the absolute spitting image) of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, shows Jimmy Fallon a number of amazing animals including this beautiful two-toed sloths. Jimmy does well but Roberts enthusiasm is absolutely brilliant. His dad would be very proud! Originally posted 2017-03-02 22:14:11. More

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    Farley the bulldog pup loves his little brother

    Farley the puppy and baby are born on same day

    This adorable little guy is Farley the bulldog pup. Farley joined his family about five months ago and has become the best of friends with Baby Dilan who was born on the same day. Dilans mum found Farley and when she saw he was born on the same day, she had to get him. “I’m […] More

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