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    Meet The Woman Who Lives With 200 Sloths


    Meet Monique Pool, founder of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname Monique first fell in love with sloths when she took in an orphan from a rescue centre. Since then many sloths have spent time in her home on their way back to the forest – but even she found it hard to cope when she […] More

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    Is This The Cutest Baby Sloth Boop Ever?

    We have met wildlife warrior Coyote Peterson before and in this segment Coyote meets the smallest and cutest baby Sloth he AND we, have ever seen! His name is B-Rad and he is a rescue animal at Kids Saving the Rainforest in Quepos, Costa Rica. Fortunately for him he was found after being abandoned and […] More

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    Teach Your Cat To Use The Toilet

    teach cat to poop in toilet

    Cats are already pretty clean but how awesome would it be if you could teach your cat to use the toilet. I remember being particularly impressed with the gorgeous Mr.Jinx (featured above) from the movie “Meet the fockers”. In the movie, Mr Jinx the cat impressed all and sundry by using the toilet. He even […] More

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    Dog Owners Will Relate To This

    If you had a dog you could relate

    I love dogs almost as much as I love sloths but unlike sloths, dogs are a little easier to get hold of so I’ve got two of my own The following collection has been pulled together with our fellow dog owners in mind. How many of these pics can you relate to? Do you have […] More

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    Dogs In A Photo Booth Cuteness Overload

    Dogs in photo booth

    Ever wondered what happens when you put a dog in a photo booth (with a little treat or two to draw their attention). Pure.. 100% unadulterated cuteness. Thats what! Check out this collection of dogs in photo booths below! You have to just love their little smiley faces!  Have a puppy loving friend that might […] More

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    Ray Charles Golden Retriever So Cute

    Ray Charles Blind Puppy

    Appropriately named after Ray Charles, this adorable golden retriever was born blind on Dec. 8, 2012, he was one of five puppies that survived in the litter and after his birth, the breeder noticed he wasn’t running around and playing with his sisters as he should have been Having said that, this doesn’t stop him […] More

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    Frostie The Snow Goat – Update

    Hey Sloth Lovers. We’ve haven’t done a follow up post before but now we have! Yesterday we shared an article about this adorable little guy called Frostie the goat, the amazingly adorable snow goat rescued by Edgars Animal Sanctuary. Frostie suffered from a condition called Joint navel ill, a disease that is seen in very […] More

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    Cute Lost Baby Skunk Adopts Humans

    Cute wild skunk follows human video

    This video is so cute. A couple are out taking a walk and all of a sudden they discover that a baby skunk is following closely behind. The general consensus of the people in the video is that he is so cute and I agree. I also recon they don’t quite get why this gorgeous […] More

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    Panda Nanny – Yes This Job Does Exist

    I love baby pandas. In fact after sloths baby pandas are probably one of my most favorite animals. Imagine being paid to look after these cute little guys full-time?! Xinhua News Agency reported that a caretaker at the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya’an, Sichuan province, will earn 200,000 yuan ($32,000) a […] More

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    Jeddah The Flying-Fox Has The Most Adorable Squeaks

    Sloth Lovers, Say hi to Jeddah. Jeddah is a Grey-Headed Flying-Fox and he loves to be tickled, petted and scratched. Look at that blissful face and check out the adorable bat squeaks! So reminds me of an adorable little sky puppy – What an beautifully cute little face! Originally posted 2017-05-13 00:19:47. More

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