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    Malamute Puppies – More Cute Than Cute

    cute malamute puppy

    So earlier today we posted on our facebook page a picture of a beaaaaaaautiful fluffy puppy. Post by Sharesloth. We knew this pup had some husky (or husky related pup in him) however we weren’t 100% sure what the other half was, and we needed to know. With this in mind (and using the wonderful-power […] More

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    Cute Bulldog Dreaming

    This cute bulldog is called Susie Q and in this adorable video, Susie is fast asleep. Well, at least her little body is anyway. She’s clearly had a very busy day but her mind on the other hand is far from ready for rest. Even though she is sound asleep I recon she’s either running […] More

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    Funny Animal Tweets


    Social Media is always a great place to share stories about your pets and these Funny Animal Tweets are a great example of just that! Originally posted 2016-09-26 20:42:49. More

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    Baby Fawn Rescue Video

    Every year, many species of wildlife get killed or badly injured when they come into contact with humans. This video captures the moment a baby fawn made the wrong decision to take a shortcut and jumped through a fence whilst trying to follow her mother. Thanks to a caring passer by, her human helper tried […] More

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    London Zoo Welcomes Baby Sloth

    Leander sloth london zoo

    Although it can take two-toed sloths nearly 10 years to form a pair, bond and breed, over in London Zoo, it appears Marilyn the sloth and her little Sloth boyfriend; Leander were far from slow off the mark. Zookeeper Tegan McPhail said: To say we were surprised when Marilyn fell pregnant after only six months […] More

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    Baby and Sloth – Inseparable Friends

    Alia and Daisy the sloth

    So the story goes that this family put in the paperwork to adopt a sloth before they ever even knew that baby Alia was on the way. To be honest I didn’t know you could adopt sloths (otherwise I’d have hundreds) though to be fair this family also own a kangaroo called Boomeroo, an anteater […] More

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    Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then & Now


    Dog Years is a heartwarming look at the lives and stories of 30 dogs. By presenting portraits of each dog as a puppy and again as an older dog, photographer Amanda Jones reveals the unique spark of personality that lasts a lifetime. Click the following link to buy this beautiful book on Amazon: Dog Years: […] More

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