A cheetah kitten playing with its mom.

A Cheetah Kitten Playing With Its Mom. -

A cheetah kitten playing with its mom.


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Today Is Extra Special Because This Old Man, Who I Was Once Told Had A Life Expectancy Of 8 Years, Turns 16 Today! Happy Birthday Baxter Bear!

Today is extra special because this old man, who I was once told had a life expectancy of 8 years, turns 16 today! Happy Birthday Baxter Bear!

They'Re Round, And Fluffy And Sort Of Have Wiggly Little Ears, Have Dubbed The Name &Quot;Sea Bunnies&Quot;. They’re Actually Sea Slugs, And Belong To The Wild Group Of Mollusks Called Nudibranchs.

They’re round, and fluffy and sort of have wiggly little ears, have dubbed the name “sea bunnies”. They’re actually sea slugs, and belong to the wild group of mollusks called nudibranchs.