A double-belly morning! It’s going to be a good day!

A double-belly morning! It’s going to be a good day!



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  1. This reminds me of when I managed pet supply stores for a living around 2002. One of the stores had a store cat named Mr. Whiskers who knew that I’d be there at about 0830 every morning to feed him and get the store ready to open at 0900 and he’d sit on the carpet by the front door (which opened to a small parking lot and then a major 6 lane road) and wait for me. Mr. Whiskers was a huge black & white SH. He was 23 lbs and 18 years old and that store had been his home the entire 18 years, with occasional trips to some of the other stores in the chain when they had an escaped rodent issue (feeder mice were the usual culprits). He’d been away on such a trip to one of our other stores for about a week when I got to work one morning and there was a car parked by the door with a middle-aged couple in it. As I started to unlock the door to go in they called to me and when I went over to see what they wanted this was the conversation:

    Me: Can I help you?

    Them: Hi, we’re not customers, we’re not allowed pets where we live, but we have a question… Where’s the big black & white cat? Did something happen to him?

    Me: Mr. Whiskers is fine, he’s at one of our other stores handling a rodent issue and going for his annual vet physical. But how do you know him if you’re not customers?

    Them: We work (place about 10 miles up the road) and we drive past here every morning at about 0815. Some mornings he’s sitting in the door looking out and some days he isn’t. If we see him in the morning we figure it will be a really good day and it usually is, but he hasn’t been in the doorway for over a week now and our days at work have been horrible with a new manager! Please bring him back!

    Me: Err…ahh, okay. I will see if he’s ready to come back yet as soon as I get inside. I’ll call the other store and probably have him back here tomorrow.

    Which is exactly what I did. About a week later the same couple was waiting for me to open:

    Me: Good morning. Mr. Whiskers is back, have you not seen him? (He was, in fact, looking out the door as we spoke.)

    Them: Oh yes! Every day! And our manager got transferred! The new manager is much easier to deal with. (hands me $20) Please use this to buy Mr. Whiskers any toy or food he wants.

    And then they drove off and I never saw them again. I had explained to them that Mr. Whiskers was a senior cat, 18 years old, and probably didn’t have very many years left before he crossed Rainbow Bridge, so I hope they found other “daily good luck charms”. I quit that job and moved to a different city about 6 months later. I like to think that the spirit of Mr. Whiskers still sits in that doorway every morning.

  2. What beautiful tumkins! They must be good luck because after I saw them a notification for a job I have been wanting for ages appeared in my email.

    There is no promise I will make it to interview, but I have waited 6 years for a position with this company, in my field of expertise, to become vacant! So, I’m applying 🙂

  3. So adorable! The creepy thing is that they look exactly like two of my cats! Like, a copy. Especially the turtle!

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This was our girl, Snowy. She passed peacefully last month at 11 years old. This is my favorite picture of her.

This was our girl, Snowy. She passed peacefully last month at 11 years old. This is my favorite picture of her.