A month after adoption he still maintains his distance but is insanely curious about everything we do

A Month After Adoption He Still Maintains His Distance But Is Insanely Curious About Everything We Do -

A month after adoption he still maintains his distance but is insanely curious about everything we do


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  1. Took mine a month to get from under the couch. Would only come out at night to eat and do his business. Took a long time of him sitting near me, then next to me, and now he’s on me and bugging me 24/7 for pets ?

    I love him but he’s sooooooooooooo annoying ?

  2. I adopted a cat from my cat’s former vet tech after she died and this cat wouldn’t let me pet her, wouldn’t really come near me. There was an exception to that though, I would wake up to her staring at me while she was on my night stand. About 3 weeks later I had to go to my parents for a 2 weeks (I lived in Houston and they in the DFW area). I had to take her with me and had no idea how I was going to get her in the crate. I was basically trying to corner her, but not in aggressive way if that makes since. After about 30 mins she got under my desk that was pushed against the wall, I got on my belly and slowly inched to her. Finally I was able to grab her, but instead of trying to drag her out I just started petting her. We did that for about an hour before I was able to crate her. It was like she just surrendered herself to me, she wanted to be loved on, but was scared. I hated having to crate her for the 3 hour drive, but I would stick my fingers in there so she could smell them and rub against them. When I got to my parents I took her to my room and cuddled in there with her for about an hour before opening the door and leaving the room. She’s the sweetest cat and I’m so happy that I adopted her. [Here she is. ](

  3. Thanks for adopting him! So many people make adopting pets about “them” and if the pet doesn’t show extreme affection, they return them to the shelter, because “he doesn’t seem to like us”. I’ve seen this happen and it pisses me off

  4. A month is a short time really.

    Have you watched My cat from hell, or looked at any of Jackson galaxies recommendations? Does he like to hide up high or low? “Bush or tree” per Jackson.

    There may be some little things you could do, to make him feel more safe in your main living area.

    Like a “hidey” mostly enclosed cat bed. Or some cat shelves; so he can get up high, maybe with a bed platform up top? I’d make it big enough to put standard size cat bed, So you can flip it in and out of there and wash/vacuum it.

    I bet there’s a DIY video on YouTube on how to make them.

    Dang! Now I want to build some cat shelves! I’ve got three of the boogers, too black and one gray.

  5. My adopted cat luna was like that for a few days, till I started mixing her morning meal with some wet food, and increasingly warmed up fast and now a loving and affectionate feline.

  6. I say this a lot, but black cats are some of the smartest out there. When a black cat loves you, you know you deserve that love, even if it takes some time for them to show it.

    Your handsome man is probably very happy to have a good home.

  7. Storm was brought in from a TNR when he was five months old. When he first arrived at the cat cafe, he was so scared and angry that we would lose him and then find him hiding under a bed, hissing and spitting. He came out of his shell bit by bit and once he realized that people mean treats and food, he emerged for lots of playtime and allowed us to toss him treats. He is at the point now where if you’re very still and outwait his stubborn butt, he will eat treats out of your hand and gently but firmly swat your hand away when you try to pet him.

    My only real goal now with his socializing is to get him to the point where he will let us grab him for nail trims, but the vet did that yesterday so we have time! He sleeps on our feet at night, but it’s a secret.

  8. That’s like our Black cat we got from a shelter 🙂 have had him about month now as well. He’s definitely more affectionate but maintains his independence which isn’t a bad thing.



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