A superb combination

A Superb Combination -

A superb combination


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  1. There once was a kitty who yowled,
    An angry and indignant howl.
    “I craved tickets,” he claimed
    “To today’s great big game,
    Who’d a thunk they meant *this* superb owl!?”



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'They Hired A Photographer Just For Me!'

‘They hired a photographer just for me!’

Obese Dogs Are At A Higher Risk Of Cardiac, Orthopedic, And Metabolic Diseases. They Live Significantly Shorter Lives Than Their Healthy Weight Counterparts And Are At A Higher Risk For Complications Under Anesthesia. Keeping Your Dog Fit And Lean Is The Best Way To Love Them.

Obese dogs are at a higher risk of cardiac, orthopedic, and metabolic diseases. They live significantly shorter lives than their healthy weight counterparts and are at a higher risk for complications under anesthesia. Keeping your dog fit and lean is the best way to love them.