Sharesloth is a boutique media company launched in early 2014. We create inspiring, positive and heart-warming stories with a particular focus on anything ‘cute’…. Especially sloths!

Our aim is to bring people together through a shared appreciation for the things we share, both through our website and social media channels.

Sharesloth communities can currently be found on the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Instagram and Pinterest

So why Sharesloth?

Sloths are obviously cute but being a sloth is often a term used to refer to people who aren’t, let’s just say, very active. The kind of person who does nothing but surf the internet all day, looking at pictures of cute cats, squirrels wearing hats or sloths!

We all need down time but we’re also mindful that you’ve all got better things to do with your time. Perhaps having someone else as the sloth in your life would help. Taking the time to find the best stories and then sharing them with you would be a good thing. Right? 😆

With this in mind, Sharesloth was born. We still have some way to grow but we hope you share the journey with us.

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