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All Dogs Go To Heaven

This got me right in the feels) Not our usual share but I think the sentiment behind this cartoon is beautiful (If you own, or have ever owned a dog) you’ll know what I mean. All Dogs Go To Heaven -

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Credit to Imgur poster Kellyangel  who claims to be the author of this beautiful work. Kelly writes:

Most people will tell you their dog is the best dog. They’re probably right, I know I was.

He was put to sleep back in July of this year (2 weeks before his birthday). This was hard to make, I am emotional.

He was wonderful and I still miss him. It took a while before I stopped expecting to see him when I walked down the stairs, or hear his tail thumping when he heard me coming (on the subject of tails, have you heard of a condition called happy tail? It’s not happy at all, it’s messy. Jay had it once, the kitchen looked like a scene from a horror movie).

Looking after an old, disabled dog can be hard but it’s worth it. I like to think he’s jumping around in doggy heaven, or in people heaven (there has to be dogs in people heaven or what’s the point?).

Well said I say 🙂

This article was originally posted on January 3, 2017 @ 8:59 am


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