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Amoo Hadji – World’s Filthiest Man

Amoo Hadji is 80 years old and lives alone, in a small village, in the middle of Iran.

His skin looks similar to an elephant’s in texture, he smells to high heaven and you can barely see his eyes. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Amoo might have some form of skin disease or some other terrible disorder. However in this instance you’d be wrong.

Amoo Hadji Man Not Bathed 60 Years

You see, Amoo Hadji has not washed for over 60 years. The reason? Amoo thinks that being clean will make him sick. He has an aversion to clean food and drink, preferring the rotten meat of dead animals (porcupines are his favourite) and five litres of water a day from a rusty oil can.

Amoo Hadji Worlds Dirtiest Man

Amoo Hadji Wearing A Hat

Amoo Hadji Man Not Bathed 60 Years

Amoo Hadji Makes His Way Across A Field

Amoo Hadji Dirty Man Not Bathed For 60 Years

Amoo Hadji Dirty Man Not Bathed For 60 Years Sleeping

With all that Said, don’t think that Amoo Hadji doesn’t look after himself – when he wants to look his best he uses a car mirror for grooming. When he needs a haircut. He simply burns his hair!

Amoo Hadji Looking At Himself In Mirror

His most valuable possession? A three-inch steel pipe….

Amoo Hadji Dirty Man Smoking Pipe

… which he uses to smoke animal dung with

Amoo Hadji Dirty Hands Holding Pipe

When he’s not smoking dung, Amoo will smoke several cigarettes all at the same time!

Not Bathed For 60 Years Man Amoo Hadji

Before Amoo Hadji beat the record for the longest time without bathing, Kailash Singh, a 66-year-old Indian man held the record having not taken a bath for over 38 years.

He may be onto something though, at 80 years old, Amoo Hadji beats the life expectancy of your avarage American Male. Perhaps we should all start smoking dung?

Anyway, I’m off to shower. Take a second to share this post with your friends? He’s looking for love apparently! You never know! Amoo Hadji - World'S Filthiest Man - Amoo Hadji


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