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Baby Fawn Rescue Video

Every year, many species of wildlife get killed or badly injured when they come into contact with humans.

This video captures the moment a baby fawn made the wrong decision to take a shortcut and jumped through a fence whilst trying to follow her mother.

fawn rescue video - a helpful passer by helps release the fawn from the gate
Thanks to a caring passer by, her human helper tried to set her free.

fawn rescue - passer by gently lifts the fawn through the bars of the gate

Carefully maneuvering the baby fawn through the intricate ironwork

Once rescued the baby fawn rejoined her mother

Releasing the baby fawn to rejoin her anxious mother, who was patiently waiting near by.

Watch the full video below:

Thankfully, even though humans are responsible for many of the accidents experienced by wild animals, there are many caring humans out there who will do anything to help . Personally I think this is awesome. If you do, too please take a second to share this with your friends using one of the buttons below


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