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A mom checking on her baby captured by Photo by @yswildlifephotography . Baby giraffes stay with their mother until they’re around three years old. The babies, who are born weighing around 45 pounds and two feet tall, grow to be much taller than their moms, at up to 15 feet tall. Baby giraffes are born with a spotted coat, which they lose within six months.

The long tongue of the giraffe is used to feed from trees and bushes, as well as drinking water from a pond or river. Giraffes use their long necks to reach food up to 18 feet high in trees, making them one of the tallest animals on land.

They can walk within an hour of birth and run within a day. They are able to eat solid food at around one month old, but they continue nursing until they are three years old. Giraffes are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants.

They eat mostly leaves, but also bark and buds from trees and shrubs. A giraffe’s tongue is very long (about 18 inches) and strong; it uses its tongue to grab food that’s high up in trees. The giraffe also has special teeth called peg-shaped incisors that grind up leaves into small pieces so they can be swallowed easily.


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