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Baby Sloth Born By C-Section

Check out these pictures of a baby sloth born by C-SECTION. This beautiful tiny baby is delivered after his injured mother fell from a tree.

A mother sloth who fell out of a tree in Costa Rica underwent the operation after suffering seizures and the moment her baby was born was captured on camera. Here, the baby snuggles up to his mother.

Sloth C Section 1

The pregnant brown-throated sloth (Bradypus variegatus) was brought to the Sloth Institute Costa Rica, after a local hotel worker saw her fall out of a tree. Here, she undergoes an ultrasound examination

Sloth C Section 2

Despite medication, the mother was struggling to survive and found it hard to move. After a few days, she began to have contractions and could feel the baby kicking. An ultrasound scan is pictured.

Sloth C Section 3

Making no noticeable recovery, the mother was taken to a vetinary practice and underwent X-rays (pictured) which showed that her baby was alive but in a breach position and was on course to be born feet-first

Sloth C Section 4

A c-section (pictured) was performed – thought to be the first time the procedure has been used on a sloth.

Sloth C Section 5

The sloth was anaesthetised and her bladder drained and after 30 minutes, the baby sloth’s head appeared. Here, the baby male sloth is shown shortly after birt

Sloth C Section 6

Sloth C Section 7

Having warmed up, the animal was quickly swaddled in a blanket

Sloth C Section 8

He seemed alert and curious about his new surroundings. He was later re-united with his injured mother

Sloth Via C-Section

Sloth C Section 10

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Source: Daily Mail

This article was originally posted on October 1, 2018 @ 7:48 pm


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