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Baby Sloth Learning to Climb

Little Saki found the rope all by himself, but has no idea what to do next! How cute is he?


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7 months ago

I love sweety sloths i whish I could hold him. He is so cute. I am so in love 😍 with them 🦥

Albesa AAA
7 months ago

I fell in love can i buy it anywhere i help him climbing up ❤️ baby

Elliott Carson
7 months ago

This sloth doesn't seem to trust this lady because its holding out its arm in a defensive position. Its probably making all that noise because its terrified and thinks it's about to be eaten alive. Are you sure your an "animal expert"?

Мария Алешина

Прелесть! 🙂

26Cora Crapps
7 months ago

What you doing today and what time and I hope I didn't miss anything important ASPECT the first of March to I don't see what happens I I hope I didn't miss it

Christina Sinclair
7 months ago

the rope is too damned tall for her!

Myfanwy Little
7 months ago

If you just take the audio it sounds like my brain trying to get me out of bed

Emily C
7 months ago

He doesn’t got it…awesome!

Raisya Bambang
7 months ago

Oooouh so cuute, he sounds like he trying so harddd that's cuteeee

7 months ago

I love sloths!

P e r s e p h o n e . A n n

God it's so ugly.

7 months ago

Every “Enabler” part of my being is buzzing to pick him up!
“Bish, get me”!👐🏻😂🤣🌸

7 months ago

Saki would sure become a great palette dancer xD

Cassandra Jones
7 months ago

I love this video it makes me laugh I watch it every day

Paul Pltx
7 months ago

So cute

In Delay there lies no Plenty

They're so inviting to pick up and hug 'em FOREVER! 😍😍😍

7 months ago

It's too swinging for a baby .

7 months ago

OMG! Pick him up already! I’m dying to pick him up!😂😍

7 months ago

I'm getting tenth grade PE flashbacks watching this. Me, a rope, and not a chance in hell of getting to the top XD

7 months ago

What is the story behind this?

7 months ago

i wanna die this is so cute

7 months ago

My spirit animal

RileyOn Roblox
7 months ago

It's so cute I lve always wanted a sloth for a pet

Broly The Sarcastic Savage

That sloth sounds like me when I get out of bed every morning.

7 months ago

I love sloths so much.

7 months ago

Charlie's gonna help ya….. wait no he's not 😂😍😍💕

Jessica Wise
7 months ago

Oh my, he is the cutest thing ever !

Cuilin Liu
7 months ago

omg cuteness

Maria Slimes
7 months ago

Cute ❤️

7 months ago

Actual footage of me trying to climb the rope in gym class!

Luke yeet
7 months ago

Get something better for it to climb on

Bridie Mccarron
7 months ago

Too cute I'm so jealous I ❤sloths

Dwigt Rortugal
7 months ago

The beast is lazy and defiant. You should soundly beat it until it climbs the rope.



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Day 8:feel free to post with me

Day 8:feel free to post with me

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Wild Baby Sloth – Costa Rica