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Baby Sloth Learning to Climb

Little Saki found the rope all by himself, but has no idea what to do next! How cute is he?

This article was originally posted on March 24, 2020 @ 11:25 am


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10 months ago

I love sweety sloths i whish I could hold him. He is so cute. I am so in love 😍 with them 🦥

Albesa AAA
10 months ago

I fell in love can i buy it anywhere i help him climbing up ❤️ baby

Elliott Carson
10 months ago

This sloth doesn't seem to trust this lady because its holding out its arm in a defensive position. Its probably making all that noise because its terrified and thinks it's about to be eaten alive. Are you sure your an "animal expert"?

Мария Алешина

Прелесть! 🙂

26Cora Crapps
10 months ago

What you doing today and what time and I hope I didn't miss anything important ASPECT the first of March to I don't see what happens I I hope I didn't miss it

Christina Sinclair
10 months ago

the rope is too damned tall for her!

Myfanwy Little
10 months ago

If you just take the audio it sounds like my brain trying to get me out of bed

Emily C
10 months ago

He doesn’t got it…awesome!

Raisya Bambang
10 months ago

Oooouh so cuute, he sounds like he trying so harddd that's cuteeee

10 months ago

I love sloths!

P e r s e p h o n e . A n n

God it's so ugly.

10 months ago

Every “Enabler” part of my being is buzzing to pick him up!
“Bish, get me”!👐🏻😂🤣🌸

10 months ago

Saki would sure become a great palette dancer xD

Cassandra Jones
10 months ago

I love this video it makes me laugh I watch it every day

Paul Pltx
10 months ago

So cute

In Delay there lies no Plenty

They're so inviting to pick up and hug 'em FOREVER! 😍😍😍

10 months ago

It's too swinging for a baby .

10 months ago

OMG! Pick him up already! I’m dying to pick him up!😂😍

10 months ago

I'm getting tenth grade PE flashbacks watching this. Me, a rope, and not a chance in hell of getting to the top XD

10 months ago

What is the story behind this?

10 months ago

i wanna die this is so cute

10 months ago

My spirit animal

RileyOn Roblox
10 months ago

It's so cute I lve always wanted a sloth for a pet

Broly The Sarcastic Savage

That sloth sounds like me when I get out of bed every morning.

10 months ago

I love sloths so much.

10 months ago

Charlie's gonna help ya….. wait no he's not 😂😍😍💕

Jessica Wise
10 months ago

Oh my, he is the cutest thing ever !

Cuilin Liu
10 months ago

omg cuteness

Maria Slimes
10 months ago

Cute ❤️

10 months ago

Actual footage of me trying to climb the rope in gym class!

Luke yeet
10 months ago

Get something better for it to climb on

Bridie Mccarron
10 months ago

Too cute I'm so jealous I ❤sloths

Dwigt Rortugal
10 months ago

The beast is lazy and defiant. You should soundly beat it until it climbs the rope.



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Day 8:feel free to post with me

Day 8:feel free to post with me

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Wild Baby Sloth – Costa Rica