Baby Sloth Snuggles Her Momma

Momma Sloth And Her Baby In Costa Rica 
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Check out this Momma Sloth And Her Baby In Costa Rica

Female sloths give birth to one baby a year after a gestation period of six months. The baby will stick with the mother sloth for six – twelve months, grasping its mom’s belly as she moves through the trees.

Male sloths, as with many (Ok – most) 🙄 mammals, don’t care for their young. The female sloth will spend up to 12 months of her life raising her baby alone.

While young baby sloths usually spend the majority of their time on their mother’s chest like this little one, they will occasionally cling onto the fur on her back. This usually happens while she is crawling across the ground, however, as the baby grows it will begin to move around more, and will often take this opportunity to explore what is going on around mom.

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