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Baby Sloths Being Sloths – FUNNIEST Compilation

This is a compilation of the FUNNIEST and CUTEST sloth videos. Sloths are named after the capital sin of sloth because they seem slow and lazy at first glance but they really are slow compared to other animals.

Sloths make good habitats for other organisms, and a single sloth may be home to moths, beetles, cockroaches, fungi, ciliates, and algae.

Classified as Critically Endangered (CR B1ab(ii,iii)) on the 2010 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The most serious threat to the pygmy three-toed sloth is the destruction of mangroves in which they live.


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7 months ago

So cute $3-
That from my sis

bojja vani
7 months ago

How to join u people

Aishwarya Singh
7 months ago

His voice ❤

Pickle Prince
7 months ago

The only animals that are disgusting are humans.

Лана Дашкова

Какие милые животные в Австралии. Просто как игрушки.❤😀🙏🤣❤
100000 Лайк!!!🤣🙏❤😀❤🙏🐹🐨🐻

Such a Beautiful Day
7 months ago

Are they giving birth?
They do sound like one!

Galih Candra
7 months ago

Sloth is heavily nerved, it's almost unplayable

Dominick Vulpis
7 months ago

2:25 😂

Stephanie Oluchi
7 months ago

Aren’t sloths like poisonous?

Όσιρις Κωνσταντίνος

0:46 Chewbacca's baby version.

Gabrielle Jackson
7 months ago

god this is so cute!

Reid Ellis
7 months ago

What I find amazing is that these guys can swim!!

Chris K
7 months ago

Every animal on this planet is magnificent! Not to be hunted, tortured, farmed to eat, caged, beaten to perform for humans, sexually abused, forced to please humans. They have self determination and be protected while we save their habitat because this is their planet too!

mattang 0
7 months ago

2:38  (  ˊ̱ᗜˋ̱ )

Kavita Kanwar
7 months ago

So cute

7 months ago


Nature degree
7 months ago

Lovely and fantastic
Amazing and beautiful

Ann Helen Andresen
7 months ago

Soo cute❤️

7 months ago

All they want is a hug, why is no one hugging them.

7 months ago

It's so cute. I want one.

DIY Sully
7 months ago

so cute do one on koalas

Pink and Black Girl
7 months ago

Arent these the guys who instead of eating more nutritious food in order to get more calories, simply decided to exert as little energy as possible…… they are even too slothful to eat?? TO EAT!!

ThresholdShift Productions

:47 this has to be one of the most prescious things I’ve ever seen

I love how sloths just have that ever so slight smile on their faces at all times

Jason Scott
7 months ago

Sloth: "eh"

Everyone likes that

coloring fun sqoud
7 months ago

Aww so cute
My sloth would love that

Sean C
7 months ago

There are not enough baby sloth videos on YouTube

7 months ago
Kimberly Brown
7 months ago

Oh man how sweet I just love them all I wish I could hold one and give it hugs

Sk Thakur
7 months ago

That yawn was sooooooo much cute🥰🥰🥰

7 months ago

I am here because my workday was so stressful and my colleagues are idiots. Now I need something to cheer me up. Works fine.

somya gupta
7 months ago

I lovw this animal

Naty Silva
7 months ago

💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💝💝💝💝💝💝💝eu quero para mim delícia fofura

Laura Smith
7 months ago

baby sloth: ehhHHH

Hilarious videos Mpungu

Baby sloth appear more active than mature sloths.

Peter Hansen
7 months ago

the most innocent animals on the planet.

antonio cuboni
7 months ago


Stan Garone
7 months ago

How do those things taste?

Maryland Girl
7 months ago

The yawn at the end is the best 🙂

Alexandre Camilo
7 months ago

Muito fofo!

Jascha Bull
7 months ago

1:38: Wild kangaskhan appeared! Slakoth used scratch!
2:04: Wild kangaskhan fled!

Don’t respond
7 months ago

Could not be cuter 🤗😘🥰❤️

bigsun Jo
7 months ago

Where can I get sloth meat? If I have a chance, I really want to taste this meat. If you know that information, let me know.

Mr Tanner
7 months ago

Holy cute. I didn't realize sloths were so darn cute. My goodness.

Star Atlas
7 months ago

Baby sloth: ehhhhhh
Humans: aweeeeeee 😍

Me: ehhhhh
Humans: fxxk off or I’m calling the police!



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cute baby sloth in costa rica, meet Hope

cute baby sloth in costa rica, meet Hope

Most Funny and Cute Baby Sloth Videos Compilation

Most Funny and Cute Baby Sloth Videos Compilation