Banned From Posting On Facebook!

Hello everyone.

Short version:

I’ve been banned from posting media (images and videos) to our page for 7 days but will be back. Click here to see how you can post to our page in the meantime.

Long version:

As you’ll know I endeavor to share cute stuff every day. In fact, since I started our Facebook page back in mid-2014, I’ve shared over 6000 cute pics and videos to our page.

I source most of the content for our page via places that also share cute stuff such as Reddit and Imgur . So far, things with our page have been going fine, folks have been enjoying our posts and our Facebook community has grown to over 68,000 people who share our appreciation for sloths and other cute stuff!

In recent weeks however, I’ve have had a couple of our images and a video reported due to ‘copyright infringement’.

Just to be clear, I 100% respect the content owners intellectual property and it’s never my intention to cause any harm when I’m sharing content to our page. I’m just looking to share cute stuff!

With that said, one of the challenges I’m facing is that the sources I use for our cute stuff (in most cases) doesn’t cite the original source of the content so sharing the images on our Facebook page has become somewhat of a gamble.

I am also starting to hit a Facebook road block when content is reported by the alleged contact owner. Instead of simply reaching out and asking us to remove any content (which I have done and would do without question) the content owners simply flag the request with Facebook who then remove the content and then punish the poster by imposing a block resulting in Facebook page owners getting a nice welcome message like the one below.

Your Page Has Been Blocked From Posting Photos Or Videos. Please Review The Email We Sent About Repeat Infringement.


A copyright report just over a week ago resulted in my account being banned from posting on our page for 24 hours. Yesterday’s report has resulted in a block from posting media (pics or videos uploaded directly to Facebook) to our website for 7 days.

Subsequent reports may result in a permanent ban or a complete removal of our page from Facebook!

I’m going to revisit how and what we share to our page, however in the meantime there are a couple of things we can do.

How you can help

  1. Firstly, please consider sharing your own content with our 68,000 users by following the instructions posted in the article here. We’ll review the post and will share it with our community if it’s a good fit for our community. Banned From Posting On Facebook! - Facebook
  2. Secondly, I’m probably at the point where we’re looking for page editors to contribute and help moderate our page. If you are interested in contributing and moderating content on our page, please send me a direct message on Facebook or comment below. Ideally we would like a few editors in different time zones however lets chat! Banned From Posting On Facebook! - Facebook

Longer term, I need to reconsider the direction we take our Facebook page. Facebook has obviously provided this wonderful resource for us, however this also means they have 100% control over the direction, content and access to our page. Their “block now, ask questions later” mentality is really starting to suck!

So in short, we’ll be a little quiet for a while on our page so please stick with us.

Thanks heaps in advance, we appreciate your patience and understanding!

Mark (tireless poster) Banned From Posting On Facebook! - Facebook


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