Been doing this for 16 years (she dribbles when she purrs)

Been Doing This For 16 Years (She Dribbles When She Purrs) -

Been doing this for 16 years (she dribbles when she purrs)


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  1. Omg!!! My cat does that too! But just a few little dribbles when I’m petting him and he’s happy. At first I thought it was his little nose running and I was worried, so I took a closer look and saw it was just some adorable drool and nothing to be worried about. Glad to see another cat with this adorable affliction!

  2. Our cat is a happy drooler too! One time she woke up from a nap and she literally had a string of drool hanging down her mouth, she only ever drools when she sleeps or gets her pets 🙂

  3. My Salem cat used to do this, used to do that face rubby thing and drool all over you too, the amount of drool we used to have to wipe off our hair and clothes because of him but it was forgivable because we felt so loved. Its been 7 years almost and I still miss him every day.

  4. When I come downstairs in the morning my flood screams for cuddles and then drools all over me. First time it happened I had to change my shirt. Then I was worried something was wrong with her teeth. It’s good to know it’s a happy reaction. She may have been separated too soon from her mama.

  5. My moms old cat, RIP Roscoe, was a happy drooler. He’d do it all the time once he was getting good scritches or when he was really comfortable.

    At night my mom used to have to put a towel at the top of her pillow cause he’d always sleep there and drool would come down lmao



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