Bermuda Night Heron – The Eyes Have it!

Bermuda Night Heron - The Eyes Have It! - 1638880939 981 Photo By

I love this photo of a Bermuda Night Heron captured by @peter.brannon. The Bermuda Night Heron (Geeust kydden) is a beautiful bird that resembles a crane. It’s also known as the Bermuda Crane, and it has a long neck and legs, which are both green.

The bird’s feathers are black, but there are some white markings on its body. The male has a red beak, while the female has a black beak.

This bird lives in Bermuda and other parts of North America, including Florida and Cuba. It eats small fish and insects.

The Bermuda Night Heron is an endangered species because it’s only found in a few areas. It’s also threatened by habitat destruction, which means that its habitat is being destroyed by humans who are building homes and roads. 🙁

The Bermuda Night Heron can grow up to 58 cm (23 inches) long. It has a wingspan of about 120 cm (47 inches). This bird weighs about 1.5 kg (3 lbs).


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