Best buddies growing up together..

Best buddies growing up together..


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  1. This is important. Many cubs get therapy dogs to live with them, if they had no mother! I would guess this is one! Normally they don’t stay together that long, but I love this even more.

  2. I saw an episode on The Zoo in which they use dogs to help 2 baby cheetahs grow up to be used as ambassadors. So sweet how they bond.

  3. I was watching unlikely friends on National Geographic and there was this episode where a bobcat and a (lynx?) became friends at a wild cat rescue where they take in cats people had as pets and realized they shouldn’t have had those pets… Anyway, there was this zookeeper on there talking about their friendship etc. I thought the cat rescue seemed pretty cool so I googled it, turns out that zookeeper on the show got killed by the cougars there a few year back.

  4. Is this from the San Diego zoo? I was there over Christmas and there was a cheetah and a doggo there that looks just like them

  5. saw a cheetah and a lab playing together and columbus zoo a few summers back. you could just tell they were buds. i watched them play for a good 45 minutes and then they took a nap, the dog resting his head in the cheetah. one of the coolest things i’ve seen to this day.

  6. “Bro, ya wanna kill something and eat it?

    ” naw, just wanna lick my balls”

    “say no more fam, I gotchu”

  7. I don’t think people realize how timid Cheetahs are. I’m not saying go try and hug one if you came across one. But overall they are the friendliest of the big cats.

  8. They look like they became more serious and responsible adults, possibly taking on different paths in their lives, but still able to hang out

  9. After seeing Tiger King, I can’t look at this picture without thinking there is a crazy mofo behind the lens.

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