Black-and-red broadbill

Double Happiness 
Black-And-Red Broadbill

Black-And-Red Broadbill - Double Happiness Black And Red Broadbill By

Double happiness 😊 I think its fair to say that @kinlfong really knocked it out of the park with this pic of a pair of beautiful Black-and-red broadbills.

The black-and-red broadbill is a large, distinctive bird, it has maroon underparts, black upperparts, a maroon neck-band, and white bars on the wings. It also has a large, two-colored, blue and yellow bill.

You’ll find these guys in Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Inhabiting lowland forest throughout their range.

When it comes to tasty snacks, the black-and-red broadbill is mainly insectivorous, supplementing its diet with aquatic creatures such as mollusks, snails, fish, and crustaceans. It also takes leaves and seeds periodically.


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