Black-crowned lark chicks – So cute!

Black-Crowned Lark Chicks - So Cute! - Black Crowned Larkchicks By

Check oiut these cute little Black-crowned lark chicks captured by @alnoubi__  These little guys can be found in the dry savanna areas across northern Africa from Mauritania through the Middle East to north-western India.

Apparently it can get quite warm where Black-larks live, however they have some clever ways of keeping cool.

In the heat of the midday sun, these birds keep cool and reduce water loss by sheltering within the burrows of large lizards. They have also been known to regulate their body temperature by flying with their legs dangling below them to expose the bare skin.

Imagine that – A dangly legged lark flying around! So cute! 😊

Originally posted 2021-11-27 20:32:00.


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