Can a post-surgery belly get some love?

Can A Post-Surgery Belly Get Some Love? -

Can a post-surgery belly get some love?


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  1. Aww what a darlin’. These cat suits seem adorable, but as soon as the feline is clothed in this supreme stretchy suit, the poor thing loses all muscular coordination and has instant “falling over illness”

  2. Hey I’m looking into getting on of them from amazon for when my kitten gets spayed. Did you put bandages over the would site under the suit or just the suit? I’m worried the material of the suit isn’t thick enough to keep her from messing it up

  3. My baby was still so little when she was spayed (she’s a little cat still!) I made her one of these out of the sleeve of a long sleeve T-shirt. She was so cute in her little stripey prison suit.

  4. Aww, so cute! We tried to put something similar on our cat after her surgery, but she literally fell over with her legs straight out and refused to move while crying piteously. She actually preferred the cone.

    Hope your kitty heals quickly!



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