Cat burglar

Cat Burglar -

Cat burglar


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  1. My cat Ivy once ate 23 intact hair bands (we still have NO fucking clue how) and had to have them surgically removed. We were keeping them away from her at all times because she kept chewing them up and throwing up sections and then she goes and eats a whole Goody package. This was like 4 years ago shes alive and well and insane still

  2. What is their obsession with hair ties?! I don’t allow mine to have them because I’m afraid they will eat them. But if I leave one out for even 15 minutes, it’s gone.

  3. Mine does that, too. She takes them out of nightstand drawer (she loves that drawer!) and runs to her water dish and drops it in. Then she fishes it out and goes to find another. And that’s it. Have no idea why.

  4. My boy who passed away last November LOVES these. We bought a pack just for him to play with, these and those rubber bracelets and he would play with them until they ripped or went missing. After he passed we moved the TV stand and found 37 under it :’)

  5. My cat loves to chase these when we throw them. She has never eaten any but still they are all lost. Every time I lift my livingroom carpet there’s at least 8 under it

  6. Cute photo but got to be careful they don’t eat them. We once did surgery on a cat with 51 hairties in it’s stomach. No idea how they didn’t notice that many going missing.



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