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Cat And Dog Fight Video

I love this and I’ll tell you for why? They are my Pets! . Admittedly my first attempt at filming a Youtube clip was a poor one (I should have put my iPad into Landscape mode instead of portrait). Still I can guarantee that this little vid is something you would have never seen before.

The video shows our Ginger cat, ‘Colin’ going completely ninja on his best mate ‘Buddy’ the Cocker Spaniel.

Its not the best video in the world but I’d like to share it all the same.

Extra props to Colin who you can almost hear whistling as he causually sniffed around at 50 seconds before returning with full bum wiggle ginger ninja attack at 59 secs!

Also, props to our beautiful Siamese cat ‘Sparx’ who seems totally indifferent to the whole thing at 2min 32 secs. RIP sir Sparkington (We lost him to a car just over a year ago).

I hope you like this personal Share today sloth lovers. If you do then take a second to share it with your friends.

Originally posted 2014-05-12 18:30:25.

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