Catto is ready for bed. Night night

Catto Is Ready For Bed. Night Night -

Catto is ready for bed. Night night


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This Is Picard. His Gotcha Day Was February 11Th. He Has Kept Me Sane Throughout This Covid Stuff. His Presence Has Given Me A Reason To Want To Live. He Is Very Funny. He Knows “Sit,” “Lay Down,” And “Speak.” (Hdoes That One Really Well.) He’s Basically My Soulmate.

This is Picard. His gotcha day was February 11th. He has kept me sane throughout this COVID stuff. His presence has given me a reason to want to live. He is very funny. He knows “sit,” “lay down,” and “SPEAK.” (Hdoes that one REALLY well.) He’s basically my soulmate.

She’s Always Trying To Attention With Her Kitty Eyes.

She’s always trying to attention with her kitty eyes.