Chonkbelly floof boi throwback – miss you, Grant Green

Chonkbelly Floof Boi Throwback - Miss You, Grant Green -

Chonkbelly floof boi throwback – miss you, Grant Green


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So I Haven'T Been Able To Let Jojo Loose Like This For A Really Long Time Cuz My Room Wasn'T Bunny Proof But Recently I Made All The Arrangements To Make It Bunny Proof And I Think He Like His New Found Freedom. (Plus Now That The Cage Doesn'T Have A Roof I Can Get Way Better Pics Of Him Sleeping)

So I haven’t been able to let JoJo loose like this for a really long time cuz my room wasn’t bunny proof but recently I made all the arrangements to make it bunny proof and I think he like his new found freedom. (Plus now that the cage doesn’t have a roof I can get way better pics of him sleeping)

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