Cory after a baffie 🛀🏽

Cory After A Baffie 🛀🏽 -

Cory after a baffie 🛀🏽


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  1. My favorite thing after giving them bathes is to hold them like babies and watch the fall asleep in my arms its so precious and your kitty looks the same way! Such a little cutie

  2. I want to upvote this 100x…
    So.. that’s a β€œhe”? He looks like a calico!! Most calicos are female. Maybe he just looks calico from the photo though. Please explain!!! Haha πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† I still love him (as well as you for taking this cute photo)



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Big sighs

The Technician Silvestro Is Busy Making An Update To The Pc 😁 -

The technician Silvestro is busy making an update to the PC 😁