Cougar Trailcam Capture – What a Unit!

Cougar Trailcam Capture - What A Unit! - 1637788245 424 Photo By

What an amazing capture by @vivs_insties – Thankfully for Viv, this was captured on a ‘trail cam’ so she didn’t need to quickly retreat after taking this photo (or get eaten)! 

Viv provided the following text for some additional context

I affectionately referred to this cougar as “momma cougar”. She was easily identifiable because her tail lacked the usual black tip. In her time shared with us, she had 3 different sets of cubs.

In this sequence, she is bringing her cubs to a kill site that I believe was hers originally, but they had been chased off of by a pack of stray dogs. She is rounding the bend very cautiously; the photos make her look like she is stalking prey.

The last photo in the sequence is of of her almost year old cub. From these photos, you can see she was not a “massive” size.

She was a very proficient hunter who we enjoyed seeing on our trailcams for the years she was around. Enjoy!

Below you can see a few more pictures from the same Cam – Even the one year old cub following his momma looks like they are going to be a unit as well! Beautiful animals! 

Cougar Trailcam Capture - What A Unit! - Couger Trail Cam Capture 1
Cougar Trailcam Capture - What A Unit! - Couger Trail Cam Capture


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