Crash landing from space

Crash Landing From Space -

Crash landing from space


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  1. Is it normal for corgis to swallow the sand they lick off their nose and mouth? I love letting my girl play in the sand cuz she loves it so much but am not sure if I should be bringing wipes to wipe her down immediately afterwards.

  2. Omg this is adorable! Serious question – do you trim his butt? My corgi girl has long butt floof that I keep neatly brushed but your corgi’s looks nice and rounded and shaped lol



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Hi Everyone. I Posted Here A Few Weeks Ago With This Photo Of Jellybean. Unfortunately, She Suddenly Lost Her Life Tonight But I Know Wherever She Is She Is Tucked In Snuggly. Please Enjoy My Favourite Photo Of Her. I Miss Her So Much.

Hi everyone. I posted here a few weeks ago with this photo of Jellybean. Unfortunately, she suddenly lost her life tonight but I know wherever she is she is tucked in snuggly. Please enjoy my favourite photo of her. I miss her so much.

You'Ll Do Fine, Simon

You’ll do fine, Simon