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cute baby sloth in costa rica, meet Hope

The Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica. Aviarios del caribe, where orphaned and injured three-fingered (bradypus variegates) and two-fingered sloths (Choloepus hoffmanni) go to be rehabilitated, cared for and studied, helping protect these beautiful animals.

This article was originally posted on February 26, 2020 @ 2:30 pm


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Elinda Aquino
11 months ago

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cité 😍

Terry Yarbrough
11 months ago

These are one of the cutest animals on the planet. Thank God for santuaries like these.

11 months ago

That's adorable ❤️

Twitty Fatcat
11 months ago

YouTube's algorithm recommended me this video in 2020. 👍👍

11 months ago

I would name my baby sloth baby yoda

Kimberly Day
11 months ago

Sloths are beautiful animals!!

mark mclendon
11 months ago

that's rambunctious for a sloth….

Paul Ashley
11 months ago

I just want to take this sloth home and cuddle

Caroline Victory
11 months ago

If I had a sloth I'd spoil it rotten 🙃

Klaus Toth
11 months ago

thank you for caring for this lovely orphaned baby sloth ( ai ) ❤

11 months ago

Can sloths be any cuter? No, they can't. They are the cutest.

Gacha Lover
11 months ago

it's so cute!!!

Stella Kerchal
11 months ago

Hope starts @1:05

11 months ago

Sloths are animals that touch the heart. They are particular, nice, sweet: it is easy to fall into adoration of these animals. I'm sorry to see them in trouble, see them in cages, deprived of their natural life and I suffer for it. I am happy that someone takes care of the rescue, of help to help them and then leave them at liberty. I'm sorry if they stay to live in cages, I feel their suffering in a life like this. Sloths are special animals, they look like angels, it is natural to love them and want their maximum good.

Joseph Vail
11 months ago

638 people are destined for hell.

Anne Tran
11 months ago

Oh my god he is soooooo CUTE I am going to cry

11 months ago


ML Giggleman
11 months ago

So sweet.

11 months ago


11 months ago

Such a cutie! We all just need some love and attention!

11 months ago

Sloughs are empathy.

Grey Goose
11 months ago

What a nice animal

Mar T
11 months ago

Lol sleeps in eats like every person

Douglas Donoghue
11 months ago

decent video. <3

Cuilin Liu
11 months ago

this bundle of adorableness!

chloe martorell
11 months ago

I want one so bad😩

evy xxx
11 months ago


Gene Garbis
11 months ago

The story of ERIC HOLDER, his early life before Obama ( to bad he had to grow up. !

11 months ago

Poor animals! How do they survive in the wild? They are so slow. I want to protect them all!!!

Ambria Daniels Band
11 months ago

This lady who runs this keeps getting in trouble with animal lovers in Costa Rica…apparently she is very abusive with them UGH :/

Love Bffs
11 months ago

On day I’m going to work there .I love sloths

Mariana Gamboa
11 months ago

Q lindo😍

pumpkin pro
11 months ago

Listen up everyone who wants a pet sloth!!! Don't get a pet sloth it's cruel but what's your can do is work at a sloth sanctury. You can save sloths and have interactions with them , a far better choice for you and the sloths

Chris S
11 months ago

Cute, haha. Anyone know who the music is from?

Can I get to 100 subs with no vids? ??

Wait are they endangered species?!?! (I feel dumb)

The Talented Gamer,Dancer And Singer Mikaela

SLOTHS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that one girl
11 months ago

I want one



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