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cute baby sloth in costa rica, meet Hope

The Sloth Sanctuary, Costa Rica. Aviarios del caribe, where orphaned and injured three-fingered (bradypus variegates) and two-fingered sloths (Choloepus hoffmanni) go to be rehabilitated, cared for and studied, helping protect these beautiful animals.


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Elinda Aquino
7 months ago

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cité 😍

Terry Yarbrough
7 months ago

These are one of the cutest animals on the planet. Thank God for santuaries like these.

7 months ago

That's adorable ❤️

Twitty Fatcat
7 months ago

YouTube's algorithm recommended me this video in 2020. 👍👍

7 months ago

I would name my baby sloth baby yoda

Kimberly Day
7 months ago

Sloths are beautiful animals!!

mark mclendon
7 months ago

that's rambunctious for a sloth….

Paul Ashley
7 months ago

I just want to take this sloth home and cuddle

Caroline Victory
7 months ago

If I had a sloth I'd spoil it rotten 🙃

Klaus Toth
7 months ago

thank you for caring for this lovely orphaned baby sloth ( ai ) ❤

7 months ago

Can sloths be any cuter? No, they can't. They are the cutest.

Gacha Lover
7 months ago

it's so cute!!!

Stella Kerchal
7 months ago

Hope starts @1:05

7 months ago

Sloths are animals that touch the heart. They are particular, nice, sweet: it is easy to fall into adoration of these animals. I'm sorry to see them in trouble, see them in cages, deprived of their natural life and I suffer for it. I am happy that someone takes care of the rescue, of help to help them and then leave them at liberty. I'm sorry if they stay to live in cages, I feel their suffering in a life like this. Sloths are special animals, they look like angels, it is natural to love them and want their maximum good.

Joseph Vail
7 months ago

638 people are destined for hell.

Anne Tran
7 months ago

Oh my god he is soooooo CUTE I am going to cry

7 months ago


ML Giggleman
7 months ago

So sweet.

7 months ago


7 months ago

Such a cutie! We all just need some love and attention!

7 months ago

Sloughs are empathy.

Grey Goose
7 months ago

What a nice animal

Mar T
7 months ago

Lol sleeps in eats like every person

Douglas Donoghue
7 months ago

decent video. <3

Cuilin Liu
7 months ago

this bundle of adorableness!

chloe martorell
7 months ago

I want one so bad😩

evy xxx
7 months ago


Gene Garbis
7 months ago

The story of ERIC HOLDER, his early life before Obama ( to bad he had to grow up. !

7 months ago

Poor animals! How do they survive in the wild? They are so slow. I want to protect them all!!!

Ambria Daniels Band
7 months ago

This lady who runs this keeps getting in trouble with animal lovers in Costa Rica…apparently she is very abusive with them UGH :/

Love Bffs
7 months ago

On day I’m going to work there .I love sloths

Mariana Gamboa
7 months ago

Q lindo😍

pumpkin pro
7 months ago

Listen up everyone who wants a pet sloth!!! Don't get a pet sloth it's cruel but what's your can do is work at a sloth sanctury. You can save sloths and have interactions with them , a far better choice for you and the sloths

Chris S
7 months ago

Cute, haha. Anyone know who the music is from?

Can I get to 100 subs with no vids? ??

Wait are they endangered species?!?! (I feel dumb)

The Talented Gamer,Dancer And Singer Mikaela

SLOTHS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that one girl
7 months ago

I want one



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