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Cute Bats – These Cute Bat Pictures Will Blow Your Mind

Bats! I love these little guy but others frequently have a different view.

Rats with wings, killers that suck your blood. These little guys wear many hats but none of the more negative comments are well deserved!

The thing is. Bats are cute and if you’ve never thought so yourself, this post is designed to help change your mind.

The idea behind this post followed an entry we posted on our Facebook page earlier today.  We posted the below pic with the comment:

Some will like, some will loath. Me. I’m liking this baby bat, a lot!

Bat Facebok Page

Fair to say, when we first posted the bat picture above on our Facebook page, we weren’t too sure how well it would be received. A few hours, nearly 1000 likes and over 40 positive comments later. It would seem our little community of sloth lovers appreciate a cute bat picture more than most!

With this in mind, we’ve researched and post for your viewing pleasure a lovely collection of:

Cute bat pictures:

Little Black Bat
Honduran White Bats
Honduran White Bats 4

Honduran White Bats 3
Honduran White Bats 2
Fruit Bat On Melon
Cute Bats Wrapped Up In Blankets
Bunch Of Baby Bats
Bats In Blankets Featured
Bats In Blankets Featured
Bat Hugs
Bats In Blankets Featured
Bat Head Tilt
Bat Head Tickle
Bat Brush
Baby Gremlin Bat
Baby Bats In Blanket
Baby Bat
Baby Bat Hanging Upside Down
Baby Bat Hanging Upside Down On Sheet
Baby Bat Feeding
Baby Bat Cuddles Finger
Baby Bat Cuddles Finger 2
Baby Albino Bat
If these guys aren’t enough, here’s a few animated gifs of beautiful bats which I recon might take you over the edge! Cute Bats - These Cute Bat Pictures Will Blow Your Mind - Baby Bats

Animated Bat Gif 2
Animated Bat Gif 1

This final one of this little guy fast asleep whilst he gets a head tickle.Oh My Goodness! My Favorite!! Cute Bats - These Cute Bat Pictures Will Blow Your Mind - Baby Bats

Bat Sleeping Animated Gif

So there we go. If you didn’t love bats before viewing this entry, you must surely think differently about these little guys now. Take a second to share these beautiful little bats with your friends using one of the buttons below! Cute Bats - These Cute Bat Pictures Will Blow Your Mind - Baby Bats

This article was originally posted on October 22, 2018 @ 8:34 pm


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