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These cute sloth pictures will make you loose your mind!!

Baby Sloth havuing a munch

OK, we’ve already shared with you the fact that we love sloths, and this my fellow sloth lovers is our maiden post. Woohoo!!! What’s to be shared today? Cute pictures of cats eating burgers? Dogs being teased? Ducks on a roombaΒ  Oh Pleeeeease!!!!

Cute Sloths Pictures!!

It would be so wrong of me on so many levels not to use this first post as an opportunity to pay homage to my fellow sloths. With this in mind, please find below a number of sloth pictures which will quite frankly, make you loose your mind with cuteness!!

More sharable stuff to follow. Watch this space!

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  1. I’ve fallen in love with Neil the sloth from the ITV networks. My husband has seen a few when he went on a holiday to Africa. Is there any to be found in an English zoo? Thankyou so much for the lovely pictures of them, Lorraine.

    • Hi Lorraine and thanks for saying hi.

      Sloths can be found at many zoo’s in the UK. Cotswold Wildlife Park, London zoo, Bristol Zoo and a few others have sloths on display. Google the term “sloth zoo” and you’ll find quit a comprehensive list :-)

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