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For something different we thought we’d provide an overview of some of the adorably cute sloth’s currently making the news recently, both here on Sharesloth and elsewhere. Let’s call it a one-stop-shop of sloth cuteness. If this doesn’t give you a ‘sloth fix’ then we are clearly doing something wrong. Cute Sloths Making The News - Sloth

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Anyhoo… back onto the sloths. Let’s start with a yawning 7 week old baby sloth called Edward. Cute Sloths Making The News - Sloth

Yawning Edward the baby sloth

Baby Sloth Edward Yawning

A baby two-toed sloth, named Edward (after Edward Scissorhands because of his impressive claws), was born at the ZSL London Zoo and is the cutest little guy ever!

At the time of this video, he was just seven weeks old and had to be hand-reared by the zoo staff since his mother was unable to produce milk.

Edward is fed bottled goat’s milk with a little bit of added vitamins every three hours. His caretaker, Kelly-Anne Kelleher, said that when he is hungry, he makes a noise that sounds in between a squeak and a sneeze. Check him out.

Sloth Crosses Road – Cuteness ensues

Next up we have have this cute guy. Transit police in Ecuador noticed this adorable sloth struggling to cross Quevedo’s recently opened highway. They posted a number of pictures on their facebook page including this one which has been doing the rounds on social media recently.

Sloth Crossing Road

There’s quite a few more pics in the collection and you can read more about the story of the sloth crossing the road by clicking here.

Sloth Festival coming to San Francisco

Sloth Festival Coming To San Francisco

What an amazing idea. Did you know there is a ‘Sloth Festival’ which is apparently happening in San Francisco this summer?

According to this article, 1000’s of people have RSVP’d to the “1st Annual San Francisco Sloth Festival” reportedly happening August 27 at an as-of-yet unnamed location in the city.

It may have been that at first it was a joke, now, Spirit Animal Productions (the coordinating group) is trying to figure out how it’s going to stage such a massive festival undertaking.

“Due to the unprecedented interest in the 1st Annual San Francisco Sloth Festival, we have all decided unanimously that we must bring you the biggest, most outrageously slothtastic Sloth Festival the world has ever seen,” an organizer on the event page writes. “We can only accomplish this by taking a cue from our dear friend the sloth, and doing it slowly: these things cannot be rushed.”

Now onto our final Sloth story which covers a new book of slothy awesomeness targeted at Sloth lovers everywhere.


Baby Sloth
Photos Courtesy Of Sam Trull

While Sam Trull was exploring the jungles of Costa Rica, she encountered many fascinating critters, but one in particular stole her heart: the sloth.Cute Sloths Making The News - Sloth

After a 15-year conservation career working with primates and other wild mammals in different countries, Sam left her familiar home in the United States to dedicate her life to researching and protecting these 2- and 3-toed vegetarians.

She began amassing photographs, as well as data. Her new 100-page photo book, “Slothlove,” is a collection of dozens of portraits of adorable, googley-eyed sloth orphans that have become her furry foster children.

You can view some of these below (click thumbnail for bigger image). All photos courtesy of Sam Trull

The book slothlove was released on April 19th, just in time for Earth Day and you can order this amazing book via Amazon by clicking here.

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This article was originally posted on November 17, 2018 @ 1:09 pm


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