Dennis the dieting dachshund

Although a chubby pup may look cute to some, as in people, dogs carrying extra weight place extra demands on virtually all the organs of their bodies. When we overload these organs, disease and sometimes death are the consequences. The health risks to overweight dogs are serious and every dog owner should be aware of them.

Now let’s meet Dennis. Dennis is a Dachshund with a massive problem, mainly the size of his gut.

Dennis The Dieting Dachshund (5)

When they met Dennis he was really lethargic and spent most of his days lying down.

Dennis The Dieting Dachshund (6)

Before Dennis was rescued his former owner had overfed him a constant diet of unhealthy human food, including pizza and burgers. He could barely walk a few steps without having to stop to catch his breath.

Dennis The Dieting Dachshund (7)

As he was losing weight his new owner had to band his tummy to get the extra skin out of the way.

Dennis The Dieting Dachshund (1)

The more weight he lost the more of a problem the excess skin became. He was afraid to run and walk because he kept tripping over himself.

Dennis The Dieting Dachshund (2)

A tummy tuck was called for.

Dennis The Dieting Dachshund (3)

Here’s a picture of Dennis before and after his operation.

Dennis The Dieting Dachshund

Here’s Dennis how he looks today. How young does he look!!

So I guess the take away from this is that as an owner you have an obligation to look after your pets properly. Being ‘over generous’ with food can kill your pet so follow the instructions provided with your dog food and ensure you supplement your dogs feeds with plenty of exercise.

He’ll love you for it and will be around a heck of a lot longer! Please help us stop the spread obesity in pets. Take a second to share this message with your friends by using one of the sharing buttons below.Dennis The Dieting Dachshund - Dogs


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