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Desk Weasel reduces productivity

Fair to say if you’re trying to work. Don’t get yourself a desk weasel. These little guys will really suck up any productivity you might have started your day with.

This little guy is called Ozzy and his owner Frisco68 shared this video on his youtube channel

Ozzy may be really distracting but we think he is so super cute though! 

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  1. Can i get a desk weasel at any pay shop?
    and do u know how much they charge for one?
    are tyey easy to care for? te: special diet?

  2. Hi Guys, we understand that this particular desk weasel was a special rescue case and not a “pet”. As such I don;t think they are available to purchase unfortunately.

  3. Get a ferret… save a ferret from a rescue or pet store or all the ones I see for free online e ..craigslist mostly…….they are just as cute and need homes

  4. for those that like this little guy, you can get even more bang for your buck by adopting a homeless ferret. there are plenty out there for adoption and sale. but they do need lots of attention and playtime and i mean lots. ours come out of their cage for a couple of hours or more each day to run freely and play.
    they are highly intelligent, can learn tricks and are perpetual kittens. all they want to do is run and play. they also do better if they have a play pal. but before you purchase one, get informed as they have special needs, diet and potential health issues.

    also remember that because they are from the same family as weasels, skunks, mink, badgers etc. they have an odor. when they have been spayed or neutered, the smell is much less and not that unpleasant at all. never ever breed them! let professionals do that job. it is a tricky process and if not done at the right time for the female, she can die.

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