Do you have a cat with crooked Whiskers?

Do You Have A Cat With Crooked Whiskers? - From Wer Von Euren Katzen Hat Auch Krumme Schnurrhaare Wie

Do you have a cat with crooked whiskers like @amy_simba ‘s Milo? I often wonder if there is a market for pussycat hair straighteners? 😁

In all seriousness though – If your cat does have slightly crooked whiskers then check out their food/water bowl. Food and water bowls for cats need to be designed with sensitive whiskers in mind. Narrow bowls can be uncomfortable if they cause the whiskers to bend and flex excessively and whatever you do, don’t trim or (goodness forbid) pluck a cat’s whiskers!

Whiskers serve a very important purpose and cats can become disoriented and distraught when they lose this essential information/navigation sensor system. They can even lose the ability to judge spaces precisely and shy away from dark or narrow areas if they have issues with them.

Care for your Cats Whiskers people – they will thank you for it. 😻

Originally posted 2021-11-23 14:43:59.


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