Does this count. I swear he has a tracking device for my backpack

Does This Count. I Swear He Has A Tracking Device For My Backpack -

Does this count. I swear he has a tracking device for my backpack


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  1. What’s great is that he will turn your black backpack a lovely shade of orange. Everyone will know you have an orange cat.

    I know this because I had an orange cat about 20 years ago, and he did exactly this with everything I owned. Fortunately nobody cared, and many found it amusing that no matter how hard I tried I could never completely rid my clothing or other possessions of orange fur.

    Now I have a white cat and a black cat, so no matter what color the possession is, the fur of one or the other will be highly visible. Again, nobody cares.

  2. It’s called “sweet, sweet back sweat.” My cats go nuts for my backpack, or any new backpacks that enter the house. The part facing one’s back must smell really interesting to them.



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