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Dog Teaches Baby To Crawl

My Goodness, this is so cute!

In a heartwarming video, ‘Buddy’s Baby Crawling School’, Buddy, the dog, teaches this little baby girl how to crawl.

He is comfortably resting on a rug when he notices the little baby girl, struggling to move forward.

She desperately flaps her arms and flutter kicks her feet, like she’s trying her hand at on-spot swimming, but doesn’t move ahead. On seeing this, Buddy first contemplates pushing her from the back, but then decides to teach the little one the right technique to crawl.

He drags himself across the floor, showing the baby girl how it is done, she looks at him in astonishment. Hopefully, she’ll learn soon.

Check out the adorable video below:

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Originally posted 2014-06-26 20:41:36.

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