Dogs leading the cows after a hurricane. The real guardians.

Dogs Leading The Cows After A Hurricane. The Real Guardians. -

Dogs leading the cows after a hurricane. The real guardians.


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  1. Florida Cattle Dogs or as more commonly known Florida Curs are an instrumental part of a ranchers life. They are closely guarded by ranchers and are also used for boar hunting. They have no fear, are insanely loyal, and take great pride in their work. These dogs are celebrated in Central Florida as part of the core heritage of ranch life. I will never have another kind of dog.

  2. Daily reminder: Cows really are just big puppers, equally as loveworthy as our barky companions. Please don’t buy animal products to literally save the lives of these good girls and boys <3 As soon as their milk production declines females are sent to slaughter, most males are killed as babies ☹

  3. I’m always so impressed with this image. All I can think is how chaotic that time was for everyone and how tired these pups must have gotten but not stopping because they are simply doing what they know.



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