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Dolphin Seeks Help From Human – Amazing

We know dolphins are intelligent right? I mean, we’ve seen flipper, watched dolphins jump through hoops and walk on their tails? On review I recon this video takes the dolphins level of intelligence to a whole new level.

The video from a Manta Ray diving group shows an amazing and touching interaction between a bottlenose dolphin.

In the video the dolphin, swimming slowly and suffering from some kind of impairment approaches a group of scuba divers who sense something isn’t right.

It almost appears as if the dolphin recognises that the humans can help him, even if people were the cause of the problem in the first place.

The divers recognise the issue as the dolphin rolls over to show them the problem – a fishing hook and line stuck in the left pectoral fin.

Watch how the diver and dolphin interact to free the hook and line. Its a tense but beautiful interaction between humans and wild dolphins. Simply stunning!

Source: mantapacific.org

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