Dormammu has the fluffiest tail <3

Dormammu Has The Fluffiest Tail &Lt;3 -

Dormammu has the fluffiest tail <3

This article was originally posted on April 7, 2020 @ 8:41 pm


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Lioness With Tiny Cubs

Lioness With Tiny Cubs

When I Met Bonny At The Shelter, She Climbed Directly Into My Arms To Take A Nap And Thus, I Was Adopted. She Was Born A Little Different (Eye, Lung, Coordination Problems), But That Didn'T Stop Her From Being The Best Cuddler, The Sweetest Sister, Or An Expert Snack Thief. Rest In Peace, Love 💙 -

When I met Bonny at the shelter, she climbed directly into my arms to take a nap and thus, I was adopted. She was born a little different (eye, lung, coordination problems), but that didn’t stop her from being the best cuddler, the sweetest sister, or an expert snack thief. Rest in peace, love 💙