Ducks can sleep with one hemisphere of their brain awake and the other sleeping in order to stay aware of predators.

Ducks Can Sleep With One Hemisphere Of Their Brain Awake And The Other Sleeping In Order To Stay Aware Of Predators. -

Ducks can sleep with one hemisphere of their brain awake and the other sleeping in order to stay aware of predators.

This article was originally posted on April 8, 2020 @ 9:24 pm


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  1. Does that mean he’s like, only good at math for those 8 hours, and only good at painting for another 8 hours?

    Also, when both halves are awake is the duck like “Heck yeah! I feel whole-brained today! Ima get some stuff done! Ima change my life!”

  2. We do something similar when we’re driving all the time. Our brains go on “auto pilot”. I’m not talking about self driving technology. We can drive (especially on long open roads) for miles/minutes at a time while not consciously being in control. Our eyes are open, and our body will still make the required steering adjustments to keep us in our lane, but it’s not anything like premeditated thought… and if suddenly an animal runs out in front of the car, we typically will snap out of our space trucker trance and have enough reaction time to successfully avoid making road pizza out of said critter.

  3. Ok so I actually did my undergrad research on this. Its called unihemispheric slow wave sleep. Many birds do it, dolphins (as mentions), and iguanas and some other lizards do as well. There are different theories as to why they do this. Most of them keep one eye open and one closed when sleeping so the best theory is that its a way to sleep and watch for predators. Another use is likely during migration. As it can only be properly studied in a lab with an EEG machine hooked up, its hard to prove but there is a large increase in its use during migration times in migratory birds.

  4. It’s weird thing to be able to do. You don’t sleep like a normal person. You’re aware of your surroundings and the passage of time but you can also dream and remember dreaming. It’s being aware of both at the same time.

  5. This must be why I do not fall into a deep sleep any more – ever since I have had children. Aand yes, I have been called an airhead, maybe it should have been birdbrain.

  6. Well my dog caught one yesterday so I guess the little fella had a rough night prior.

    Ps: She didn’t really bite down and the duck got away without being bloody and looked fine.
    Our Shibe however is now even more excited when she sees ducks.



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