Escape attempt #22

Escape Attempt #22 -

Escape attempt #22


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  1. Mine are allowed to free roam in the living room when I’m watching them, but if I have a laundry rack in there they’ll always try to climb it, not realising that the laundry they’re trying to climb on will slip under their weight. I just remove the rack now.

    Your rattie looks adorable! Wishing them a lot more escape attempts in their future ❤

  2. Daisy, one of my four females, is an escape ARTIST. She will crawl on the edge of the upper cage door and slip out when I am picking up stray poops or otherwise cleaning the cage. She LOVES to free roam. None of the others are like that.
    I love my little ratty’s personality differences.
    EDIT: I got called out unexpectedly for work tonight. The little stinker (Daisy) is still on the loose. I have left water out for her. And closed the toilet lid!!!!



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This Is Geordie'S Blep. He Is Trying To Look Like An Emoji😜 -

This is Geordie’s blep. He is trying to look like an emoji😜