Everything the light touches is our kingdom

Everything The Light Touches Is Our Kingdom - Lions Have Lived In A Variety Of Environments Throughout History

This is probably a picture of two brothers rather than father and son, however, the Lion Kings “Everything the light touches is our kingdom” works pretty well in this capture by @agpfoto we think!

Lions have lived in a variety of environments throughout history. They have inhabited vast areas including Europe, Asia, and much of Africa. However, today, they live exclusively in the open savanna and woodlands of Sub-Saharan Africa.

These two gents look very much at home in the savanna (and very wise) we recon! What do you think? 🦁


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  1. I love these two lions. Their father is known as Cboy. You can Google “Cboy” and read about his amazing life on Nat Geo website. The lion on the right looks the most like Cboy. Cboy was INCREDIBLY handsome with a big, black mane

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