Feeling fabulous with her new sparkly bow tie

Feeling Fabulous With Her New Sparkly Bow Tie -

Feeling fabulous with her new sparkly bow tie


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  1. Thanks so much for the love everyone! Humbridge actually started out as a foster fail. We arrived ready to take any cat, and were delighted when we received this chubby lady missing a tail. She loves treats, modelling, sunbathing and chatting through her squeaks (she doesn’t meow often just squeaks). She is on a diet and exercising more which is great and she’s actually lost weight slowly since we’ve adopted her. If you want to see more of her feel free to check out her Instagram at humbridgethecat . All the comments have really made my day, thanks again. ??



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Yes yes, stay there

Our New Puppy, Pepper! Sarge On The Right Is Still A Little Confused Though😂. -

Our new puppy, Pepper! Sarge on the right is still a little confused though😂.