For all of you sorting by new, here’s a goose of mine

For All Of You Sorting By New, Here’s A Goose Of Mine -

For all of you sorting by new, here’s a goose of mine


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  1. Already 5 hours in and I get 10K upvotes and my picture got posted on Dolan Dark’s Instagram, thank you all, I’ve never been this famous before, and yes, peace was always an option.

  2. I used to think geese were super cute but a couple of months ago I got married and our venue had two geese, Stella & Mopsey, they were cute and I was super excited about them until they decided they hated me as soon as I stepped foot out of our car. They chased me all weekend every time I would step outside, I still have nightmares.



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Stella Very Happy On Her First Day Home!

Stella very happy on her first day home!

Haku, My Little Lion. He Thinks He’s King Of The House And He’s Absolutely Right

Haku, my little lion. He thinks he’s king of the house and he’s absolutely right