Get a pee-rock, they said, that will get them to use the litter box!

Get A Pee-Rock, They Said, That Will Get Them To Use The Litter Box! -

Get a pee-rock, they said, that will get them to use the litter box!


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  1. Years ago I had a rat and gave him a little litter box with cat litter, deep enough to dig in. He peed and pooped in there no problem.

    It looks like there are very few pellets of litter, maybe he needs more?

  2. I’ve used distilled vinegar on their poo and pee rock in my corner litter tray, it leaves a sterile scent that makes them want to mark it, do it enough and it becomes muscle memory…although my 7 m/o boys still tinkle on top of their barn bc they have hammocks above it and…lazy sleepy ratties don’t wanna climb allll the way downstairs lol.
    Best bet is to put it in a high traffic area, put all the droppings you can find in the litter box for couple days and cross your [ washed ] fingers 🀣πŸ₯΄

  3. Yup, that looks about exactly what our boys do with their pee rocks….hang out with them in the litter box. Right after tossing the poops overboard. Sooo comfy cozy!

  4. This isn’t even close to the first β€œrat naps next to turd” pic I’ve seen in this sub and I’m living for it. Honestly love how weird and gross rats are πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

  5. Can I suggest you try a flat slate like rock? We have one of those and my rats exclusively pee on it. They still poo outside their litter box but at least they pee there.

  6. I know it sounds gross but try moving their poop from around the cage into their litterbox, they will notice that it’s been moved and it might entice them to start using the box

  7. Hahaha, precious and typical rat behavior. πŸ˜‚

    I have had so many rats that had such diverse relationships with the litter box.

    My first boys were really good about using the litter box as intended, my second set of babies didn’t use the litter box at all, either to eat, poop, or sleep in, then my third mischief had a bit of everything! Some would poop and pee in the box and eat, others would only eat in it, while others would only poop in it.

    I gave up a long time ago and just leave the box in there out if habit, but my current boy is so good and uses the box to potty.

    You just never know!

  8. My boys were stinky little muck tubs. They loved nothing more than lying in filth. Despite my attempts, they refused to be toilet trained πŸ˜‚

    He’s lovin his new rock though, so at least your guy is happy



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