Glossy ibis – What a beautiful bird!

Glossy Ibis - What A Beautiful Bird! - Glossy Ibis By

Here at Sharesloth HQ in Western Australia, we see Ibis all the time – they are a pretty ordinary looking bird with dark plumage often referred to as “Bin Chickens” as you’ll often see them rumaging for bin scraps in parks.

This Glossy ibis however is a whole different kettle of Ibis.

Fair to say that if you were to see one in poor light, the Glossy Ibis appears anything but glossy. If you are lucky enough to view them from the right angle like @sensomdipta did in this photograph, you get to appreciate the plumage of the Glossy Ibis in all of its glory as it takes on an iridescent green-and-purple gloss (hence its name).

I’m sure they would still appreciate the odd bin scrap if they could get to them, however in their native habitat they prefer to probe the mud of shallow terrestrial wetlands in pursuit of aquatic invertebrates.

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