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Golden Retriever Plays Guardian To Orphaned Kitten

Dogs and Cats are often considered as foes but sometimes an animals natural instincts to care is so strong that it doesn’t really matter what kind of bundle of fluff they’re caring for.

The pictures below are of a beautiful young kitten called Ichimi who was rejected by her mother. Thankfully, Ponzu the golden retriever and his mom Jessiepon took her in and have begun nursing her back to full health ever since.

Ichimi has taken so well to the Golden retriever Ponzu, the two play together and Ponzu even cleans and sleeps with the young Ichimi who is growing stronger and stronger by the day.

Golden Retriever Cares For Kitten – The Initial Meeting

As Ichimi grew older, their relationship blossomed spending an adorable Christmas together

I love these two! So cute!

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This article was originally posted on October 5, 2018 @ 7:17 pm


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