Had to say goodbye to my old girl after 15 years.

Had To Say Goodbye To My Old Girl After 15 Years. -

Had to say goodbye to my old girl after 15 years.


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  1. Remember this… you may have had her 15 short years but she had you _all her life_. Maybe it hurt a bit at the end but she never knew hunger or fear. She did not starve, trying to catch something, anything to survive. She did not know huddling against water pipes for warmth in winter. She did not know what it was like to be hunted, or to fight for her life.

    She knew nothing but love.

  2. “Please don’t cry because I am gone..Smile because you had the opportunity to give me what I never had before ; Love, and a home and a family to call my own.

     I know that you miss me , but I want you to understand , I am happy here, my pain is gone and I am able to play again.

    Please don’t be afraid to love somebody new. You made me feel special ! I would want them to feel special too.We will meet again one day, until then keep in mind , the happy moments that we shared until the sad ones are far behind.”


  3. Sending you hugs. I had to say goodbye to my lap panther in December. Such a hard day. Thank you for loving this sweet soul and giving her a life she loved to live ?



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Didn'T Even Notice The Blep Until I Looked Back At The Picture Later!

Didn’t even notice the blep until I looked back at the picture later!

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love you all hoomans